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Done for you or DIY?

Why you should consider working with an experienced brand and website designer instead of going down the DIY route.

It boils down to the following reasons.

  1. A highly-skilled and experienced brand and website designer will consider technology, content, design and marketing right at the outset, during the planning stages and consider every aspect of the business, operations and ideal client before beginning the project.

    This will result in a professional brand and website that’ll position you in the right light and help you to elevate your brand.

  2. You’ll save time. While you’re focused on growing your business I’ll be developing your new brand and website. I’ve taken many clients through my process, so it’s streamlined and efficient. It minimises disruption to your business and keeps the project moving forward.

  3. Less stress (and probably headaches too!) When it comes to technology you need to be confident your setup works correctly, is optimised to bring traffic to your website, and creates a good user experience. If you invest in professional experts you’ll receive a professional expert result. I’m proud to say that’s 100% true if you work with me.

  4. Save money. It’s true that investing in custom brand and website design with an experienced professional costs money. But it’s important to consider how much money could have been made in the time you took to DIY your brand and/or website.

    Or how much you may end up spending to correct mistakes/unsatisfactory work made by an inexperienced brand or website designer.

    Or the cost savings you could make when you invest in an all-inclusive brand and website package.

Which leads me nicely into my signature package. It combines a deep dive into your overall strategy with brand identity design, website design and digital marketing.

The real benefit of my signature package is that everything is taken care of for you.

From the creation of a brand that truly represents you (brand strategy, logo design, typography, colour palettes, brand guidelines, brand stationery designed, and more)...

To your website being completely built, designed, and fitted out with custom brand photography, videography, graphic design, copywriting, SEO, product uploading and mobile optimisation…

Everything you need is included and managed for you by me. That’s a big weight off your shoulders, right?!

As Rocketspark’s most awarded partner, you can be confident about the result you’ll get.

Clients Annette and Annalie from Life Co-Lab had this to say about their experience of working with me:

“If we hadn’t worked with Tonia in this way I think we would be regretting it now. Because we would have put so much more of our time into it. And would probably have been dissatisfied about what we created.

We would probably still be trying to fix things now if we were trying to do it ourselves. We'd be tearing our hair out, and trying to write the copy.

Instead we're super proud of it all. We’re really proud of our branding and our website. It’s given us more confidence.

We really needed awareness about us out there from day one. We just couldn't do that if we didn't have a solid brand.

It was all just easy. Anyone starting out and going from brand to website, I'd highly recommend working with Tonia this way. You’ll make the budget for it if it's a priority.”

If you’re interested in working with a partner who is passionate about supporting small businesses to fulfil their potential and see them grow, I’d love you to book a call to talk about your project with me.


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