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More than a pretty typeface

Through a combination of the psychology of design and consumer behaviour, we enable seasoned entrepreneurs to effortlessly attract their dream clients so they can achieve financial, creative & lifestyle success.

We enable business growth through strategic design

Greenhouse Creative is a full-service design studio focused on brand strategy, web development and digital marketing. We design with purpose for seasoned entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey. 

From the germination of an idea to creating the brand, cultivating the digital tools and harvesting the fruits of success, we can help you at every step of the way.


Brand Clarity

Digital Strategy

Marketing Plan

It starts with intimately understanding your business: your purpose; your idea of success; your ideal customer and; their journey towards a purchase. Because at the root of every success-story, is an in-depth plan.

It’s about ensuring the conditions are perfect for growth.


Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Website Design

Packaging Design

We create on-brand content and build the systems that communicate your purpose, your vision and values in synchronicity with your master-plan. 

Creating a visual and verbal brand with human qualities that resonates with your ideal customer allows them to form a relationship with it. Just like creativity in nature, it’s equal parts science and art.



Digital Marketing

Return on Investment

We create customer-first, strategy-led, purpose-driven digital marketing campaigns that open doors to traffic and invite conversions. No hard-sell, no one-size fits all approach and not a vanity metric in sight, it comes back to achieving your version of success by being seen in the right light, authentically.

Because design without purpose is dead wood; a brand without action is fruitless; and marketing without a plan is a waste of your precious resources.

Our philosophy

It’s complex, but not complicated

“Brand” as a concept, is huge. When we take the time to identify and clarify our purpose and commit to showing up authentically in our business and in the work that we do, we make life simple for ourselves and begin to attract our ideal clients, organically. 

We believe in making life easier for business owners by creating brands that are unapologetically authentic.

The science of design, purpose-led creativity

Effective design communicates a message. The design choices we make are rooted in psychology and will ultimately influence the message you're trying to get across. 

Colour, shape, line, font, voice and language... we believe in empowering you to understand why we’ve landed on the choices we’ve made to communicate your brand with the world.

Design your business, design your life

Financial stability, creative freedom and lifestyle design. All integral factors in propagating a life that you love. We challenge the idea that success is tied to a certain job-title, employer or salary amount. 

We flourish when we work with seasoned entrepreneurs who are similarly passionate about businesses that support a joyful life.

Download your free website planning workbook:

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Bringing your business goals to life

We specialise in creating clarity for business-owners. This enables you to quickly and easily make good choices for your brand, and frees up your precious time so you can spend it in the most effective way.

Our expertise

No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business, your brand has the opportunity to grow and flourish. We enjoy the challenge of getting to know your business, your customer and your industry intimately. 

We have a sweet spot for working with fellow craftspeople – the builders, the bakers, the wine and gelato makers – and we have almost 20 years experience working with brands in the following categories:


+ Keter NZ
+ Hippo Health
+ Peter Maude Fine Wines
Fullair Mattresses
+ Tasty Pot Co

Buds of wisdom

In almost 20 years of designing with purpose we’ve picked up a few tricks that have given us green fingers when it comes to business growth.

You're in good hands

Rest assured that you are in good hands with Rocketspark's most awarded website design partner, expert brand strategist and website designer, Tonia.

You’ll experience the very best in personal service. Tonia will manage your project from start to finish and be your one point of contact while creating and maintaining the integrity of your brand.

The power of collaboration

Experience the comfort of one point of contact with the confidence of a great team of specialists on-hand. We collaborate with industry-leading content creators and digital marketing experts to achieve common business objectives through strategy, creativity and technology.

Brand success relies on authentic relationships with ideal customers



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