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FREE Mini Workshop: Gain Clarity Around Your Brand

Step 1: Download and print the PDF

(To save paper, just print page 8 and follow along with the PDF on a split screen)

Step 2: Watch the video and work along to discover:

  • Your Brand Purpose: What you actually do for your clients
  • Your Brand Values: The unique beliefs you bring to your work
  • Your Brand Personality: The human traits that make your brand relatable

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits of gaining clarity around your brand

  • You’ll be better equipped to brief a designer so they can make appropriate typographic, colour, graphic style and layout choices; OR a photographer, content writer, social media manager etc OR for when you are creating your own flyers or making changes to your own website. 
  • YOU will be able to make good choices about anything relating to your brand or business, not just design: who to collaborate with, which areas of the business to invest in, how to train your staff etc…
  • You will naturally attract enquiry from your dream clients – those ones you LOVE to work with – and they will be happy to pay for your product or service because you’ve COMMUNICATED what it would be like to work with you AND the VALUE of the work you do.

“Being seen in the right light is more than a luxury... it’s an investment in your survival”

Let me turn your ideas into tangible results, creating a brand that showcases your business story and connects you authentically with your audience.


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