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Go out on your own, or grow your existing client base


I'm looking for an experienced Graphic Designer to take care of the amazing branding, packaging and Rocketspark website design clients I've amassed over 20+ years of self employment.

Based in Auckland, I've a huge network of valuable clients all over NZ as well as a couple in Australia. I've worked really hard for my entire working adulthood to build this active network of clients who also actively refer me to their friends and colleagues.

No two clients or projects are the same, with the work I offer ranging from logo & brand design, to stationery & graphic design, to print & packaging design and website design using the epic, NZ-owned website hosting company, Rocketspark.

If you don't know much about Rocketspark or website design, I'm happy to offer introductions to the team and to get you up to speed with managing the  40+ Rocketspark websites that you'd inherit as part of this purchase, along with the commission that comes with them.


Firstly, it has not been an easy thing for me to decide to sell my business. It's been the one constant thing in my life from the age of 22 to now... it's seen me through moving cities, travelling & working overseas and having children... in many ways it's been my one true love. The thing that’s always had my back and been at my side. It’s literally been my life's work. 

However, I always felt I'd not yet experienced the "corporate creative" life and the hustle, collaboration, the highs (and the lows) involved. That opportunity was presented to me last year - somewhat unexpectedly - and I've really enjoyed seeing the skills I’ve amassed as a business owner-operator, translate into full-time employment managing a creative marketing team for a well-known, nationwide retailer over the past 9 months… While also continuing to run my business "on the side".

Safe to say, I’m at risk of burnout and one of these things now simply has to go so that I can get back to enjoying time with my teenagers before they fly the coup completely, and having that work-life balance that I protected so fiercely for all those years as a working mum.


Greenhouse Creative is a full-service design studio focused on brand strategy, web development and digital marketing. We design with purpose for seasoned entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey. We enable brand growth through strategic design.

And we I say “we”, I mean me as the graphic designer and creative director, along with my team of talented contractors who work with me on an as-needed project-basis as copywriters, search engine optimisers, photographers, videographers and administrators and graphic design assistants.

Together, we can service any client who wants to nail their brand presence in print and online, in order to grow their business.


The accountant has valued the business as it stands based on goodwill, database, and intellectual property. They have taken into account that I have been the key person in the business and have removed me from their equations. The business has therefore been valued at $135,000, including:

  • Brand Identity: Greenhouse Creative logo & stationery files

  • Website:

  • Domain Names:,

  • Facebook:

  • Instagram:

  • LinkedIn:

  • Mailchimp Database: 488 subscribed contacts

  • Email Signup Welcome Sequence & Conversion Copy

  • Rocketspark Websites: 44 live Rocketspark websites at the time of writing

  • Digital Introduction as the new Greenhouse Creative Business Owner to both clients and contractors

  • Client Files: The last 24 months of client design files

  • Digital IP: The forms and templates I use to run my business

  • Goodwill: Potentially the largest asset, 20 years worth in spades aplenty

  • Networking Group Membership: My membership with Venus Networking NZ, Ponsonby group is valid until July 2024. I’m happy to bring you along to the first meeting and introduce you to the group for you to use the remainder

Not included in the valuation, but also offered as part of the bundle is:

  • Training & Handover: 30 hours of training and hand over, with me, either in Auckland or online, preferably within one calendar week, but this is negotiable

  • Photoshoot: A 2 hour headshots session with my photographer, so we can replace my face with yours online 😊

  • IP & Mentoring: An experienced business mentor with Business Mentors NZ, I can include a one hour mentoring/training session each month for the first 12 months of your ownership to support you on this journey


So, if you are leaving the corporate and agency world behind to go out on your own, or you’re looking to grow your existing client base with varied and interesting, high-quality clients who value the work of a smart, strategic graphic & website designer, this could be just the opportunity for you. Your own hours, your own terms and the freedom to work remotely are just the beginning of the exciting and creative life as a freelance, self-employed graphic designer.

The asking price is negotiable. If you’re interested, let’s get together for a cuppa and a chat as the first step. I look forward to hearing from you soon and supporting you towards this next exciting chapter. 

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Thanks for your message. This is really important to me, however I'm also working full-time, so please be patient while I get back to you. Talk soon!

Thanks for your interest!

I'm grateful for your time and look forward to talking soon.


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