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Project: In the Mix Bakery

NOV '19 - MAR '20

  • Content creation
  • Rocketspark website design
  • Rocketspark e-commerce

In The Mix is a 5th generation bespoke bakery.
Owner Debbie and her daughter came to me needing an ecommerce retail website for their bakery business.

The bakery already had a logo and a clear identity relating to the style of food (homemade, wholesome, no nasties, high-quality products, comforting) and the values that embodied the brand (traditional, nostalgic, family-oriented, community).

It was clear the website design needed to reflect the homemade and wholesome nature of the sweet and savoury treats on offer.

To do this I needed to ensure the website had an inviting, informal feel with fun ‘sweet’ colours and a handmade, free-form style. This included wavy lines to depict icing running over the side of a cake, and product category images cut into kooky styles.

The website design also incorporated some animated elements to give it a playful feel and to add visual interest to the ‘sweet’ aesthetic I had developed.

When I design websites with the Rocketspark platform, I always look at how I can push the website editor that little bit further to do something that hasn’t been done before.

In this project it was the animated elements that achieved this result and helped to bring the website to life.

The project also involved content creation, which included website copy and some product photography, as well as loading up all products and product information.

A core part of the project was considering how the stock management system would work for In The Mix and integrating this into the website, as well as understanding and setting all pricing and shipping options.

The website launched the week before New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdown was announced. This couldn’t have been better timing for In the Mix, considering this was their first website. 

As a food retailer, this meant In The Mix were able to sell throughout lockdown, even though their usual sales channel at Clevedon Markets were closed. In fact, none of us could believe the flurry of visitors and orders via the website once lockdown was announced.

It was hugely satisfying to see this project all come together. To top it off the website won the It Rocketspark Partner Site of the Month for March 2020.


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