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A place to be with self and with others

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Life Co-lab is a Parnell based functional fitness studio with a focus on creating a safe, inclusive and indulgently inviting space for members and newcomers alike. They needed a brand identity that could convey the values of community, collaboration confidence and connection that the owners Annalie and Annette hold dear to them. 

The logo font is timeless and elegant, representing the upmarket and polished nature of the space and concept, while the hand-drawn circle speaks to inclusion and community while adding a humanistic touch. The raw sienna and mossy forest green colour palette is deeply comforting and inviting, while the touches of copper suggest an element of warm sophistication – all feelings people should have while working out in the gym. The space is designed around the brand identity to create a seamless user experience from advertisement, to website, to physical environment.


In order to capture and communicate the essence of the physical space that Annalie and Annette had the goal of creating via the website, it was important to use language and tone of voice that aligns with the values of the brand, as well as giving a clear visual representation of what it would be like for a new potential member to walk through the doors. 

We took care of creating a perfectly formed copy deck to communicate the brands message, the offerings and to maximise on organic SEO (search engine optimisation ie Google). While this was in progress, Annette and Annalie were busy taking care of setting up the physical space, using the brand mood boards I'd provided as inspiration and a reference check point to come back to when they needed to make design decisions. 

Once their space was ready, we organised a photoshoot to tell the visual story of what it would be like to be a member at this gym. Because when people check out a business online, especially one that they may feel a little bit anxious about approaching in the first place, what they are looking for is reassurance that they are in the right place for them. Without that reassurance, it's a little bit like going on a blind date, so the goal with website design for a business with a physical location is always to reduce the objections that an ideal customer might have to coming there. 


With all membership and casual class sales and reservations made online, it was important to consider the CRM and booking system that Life Co-lab would be using to manage these processes and come up with a website technology solution that would integrate seamlessly with their system of choice, Glofox. 

The html embed feature of the Glofox system integrates perfectly with the Rocketspark website builder to allow group fitness calendar embeds and membership booking links back to the Glofox system. This means that we can direct the user to the area of the membership system that they are interested in, specifically, and we designed the website to clearly illustrate all the membership options to the viewer with calls to action to book their first complimentary class.  

The result is a well-considered brand that people can fall in love with, a website that serves as a tool for communicating that brand as well as a vehicle for membership signups. If you'd like help with perfectly expressing your brand, online or otherwise, I'd love for you to get in touch. 


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