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Application for a 12-month payment plan website build

Does the survival of your business rely on you being able to sell online… NOW?

I want to help as many small to medium sized businesses get through this crazy time as I can, and I think I’ve come up a solution to help some retail or hospitality businesses to pivot and adapt to this new online and contactless environment we find ourselves in.

This is what I’ve come up with: I can take on TWO new clients, right now, on a 12-month weekly payment plan in order to get you live and selling, ASAP with minimum cost upfront. This means, you’d be looking at $135 to $195/week with payments starting in April and a live website in four to six weeks time, which would hopefully see your revenue start to return.

This offer is purely on application/nomination basis as I want to help those truly in need and those who I will actually be able to help. You'll need to tell me how the current situation has impacted your business so far and how pivoting to provide online sales could help to make a difference to the survival of your business. You’ll have proven sales with a tested market (rather than a new product) that people will want to continue to buy but need an online platform to safely do so.  

I’m thinking of retailers and hospitality clients and those who usually sell at markets in particular who will have seen a dramatic decline in sales and who could sell their existing products online, but haven't needed to in the past. 

I have time and resources to help TWO clients right now, and could potentially extend the offer to others in another few weeks time. 

Together, we can not only get through this, but GROW through this.

The aim is for me to get an ecommerce website setup for you as quickly as possible. All our meetings would be over Zoom, so you can be anywhere in New Zealand. 

I will not be in a position to come out to you to provide photography, however you could send your products to me (which I would return), or I can also use images you may already have or stock imagery and custom designed graphics where appropriate.

If your application is accepted, you will need to be able to provide me with your product list, including product descriptions, product variations and product pricing along with detailed shipping information. This is so I have all the information to hand to build you site, and also the ability to recommend the best system and setup options for your business. 

Application Form

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Thank you for your application. I will endeavour to personally respond to your application within 7 days. Stay safe!

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