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Why Your Business Needs to Make a Good First Impression

When people discover your business, what perception do they have?

You want to make sure it is the right perception, one that gets to the heart of what your ideal client needs.

Businesses come in all forms. Some offer professional services, some are full of fun and vibrancy, some are more functional. In order for a customer to form a relationship with your business, they have to connect with it on a personal level.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, who you serve, or what industry you are in; the perception people have should match the values, purpose & personality of your business.

By ensuring the colours, typography, language and image styles you use accurately convey the personality and values of your business, you can easily achieve this.  If all of the touch points your customer has with your business align with your brand values for a good first impression, it builds trust and opens the door for your potential clients to fall in love with your business.

Let’s explore how Leanne Coste of Better Your Biz achieved this and how you can too.

The Importance of Perception

First impressions count. When you first encounter a business, the psychology of typography, colour, graphic and image style lead to the snap decisions you unconsciously make about them.

Therefore, using an expert in these areas means that you can make sure the subconscious judgment is always in your favour. You can paint the picture that your product or service can (and will) solve the needs that your ideal clients have.

You want them to immediately see the value you offer so that they are ready to take the next step with your business. You might be the absolute master of what you do behind the scenes, but if that is not outwardly apparent, your potential clients will never know.

Communicating the value that you offer your clients through visual representation is key. That is why you need to align with someone that fully understands your brand from the start.

Consistency is Key

Making a great first impression is a good start. It will be enough to start the relationship on the right foot. But after that first impression has happened, you need to ensure a consistent representation of your brand.

That means your communications need to be consistent across all of your marketing channels. Your website should match your social media, newsletters, emails, business card, or any other client touch point. 

It should create familiarity with your brand and be immediately obvious that they are seeing something associated with your business.

One of Leanne’s favourite things about working with Tonia was that she received a branding package with all of the information on her colours, fonts and other visual elements. That meant she could ensure consistency across every platform for a polished and professional look.

Getting the Right Look & Feel

There are many DIY tools out there that will allow you to create branding elements yourself. But without understanding the psychology of branding it could end up costing you more time and money in the long run to use them, and the results might not be to the standard that you need.

That is why Leanne recommends finding a professional like Tonia to set the right tone in accordance with your business. “Working with Tonia was great. She is a pleasure to deal with and is very professional. We met a few times to go over my requirements and decide what the brand was going to look like. 

I had worked with her previously on a website for my pet business. That one was all about being fun and caring. This time I needed a professional brand, but with a twist. There was a particular fun element I needed her to incorporate into an otherwise professional look. She rose to the challenge and created just what I needed.

Professional branding is really important, especially if you are a consultant. Your online presence should set the tone of how you want to be known. You need branding that matches your type of business and that presents your brand how you want people to see you. If you get an expert to do it then you get all the tools you need for a great first impression and to be able to consistently present your brand going forward.”

Are you ready to make the right kind of impression on your clients? Give them the right perception of who you are and what you do from the start with a killer brand that showcases your business. Get in touch today to discuss how we can make that happen.


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