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Why a Good Brand is Just as Important as Good Products

When you buy from the likes of Farro or Lewis Road Creamery, you expect quality. Because that is what their branding represents.

That is not to say that you should only buy from Farro. Places like Pak n Save or ranges of budget milk brands are still needed by consumers. You simply know that if you want a premium product, Farro is the place to get it. Farro is more expensive and luxurious, somewhere you go for premium products and a premium experience, while Pak n Save is the place to go when you want to pick up the basics and save some dollars.

Both brands have a place in the market, they just speak to a different audience. And they do that through their branding. Good branding has the power to connect your business with the right market.

Russell from Iron Soul recognised the need for good branding when he came to see us. We had already transformed the image of his first business, Visual Hardware, to match his three distinct product ranges.Now it was time to showcase his new brand, Iron Soul. We helped him do this by creating an additional classy image and redesigning his website to incorporate his new range.

Where It All Began

When we started working with Russell, he had an existing website for Visual Hardware that didn't portray how amazing his products were. Russell creates amazing sliding barn-style doors in a number of different colours and styles. Specifically, Russell wanted a main logo for Visual Hardware, the umbrella brand, with three sub-brands for his Urban, Classic & Aesthetic ranges.

We brainstormed together, honed in on his target market and created some clarity around who his brand is and the problems it solves for his audience. Then, we set to work redesigning his brand to showcase the right elements and to transform the perception.

“Before I meet Tonia my brand was very basic and possibly gave the impression to customers that I was cheap”

Russell and his gorgeous products certainly did not speak cheap to us, so we worked to elevate his image. By redesigning his website and giving him a space to showcase his products, we turned his branding around. Once Russell began to see the impressive sales results from Visual Hardware, he decided to launch Iron Soul - the iron handles and hinges to accessorise the doors he already sold. 

This required a whole new element of branding, so we went through the process again with more impressive results! Working with Russell was great and he felt the same about the process of working with us. 

“I found the process very easy as Tonia helped me focus on the things that matter, which helped pinpoint my options.”

The End Result…

“I was very happy with the results and this has given me more confidence in my brand as well, which in turn I have passed this confidence to my market and customers.”

As Russell has just indicated, if you don’t have the branding to showcase your products correctly, then your customers can get the wrong idea about what you can offer them. However, the right branding can build confidence.

The reality is, it isn’t enough to be amazing at what you do. You have to be able to communicate your value. You need a message that is so well-defined and a brand experience that is so compelling that when the right person comes along, they feel like they have to take action.So, if you are ready to gain confidence in your business and convert that to sales, then we are ready to help nail your branding.After all, Russell says… “a good brand will take you further than just good products.”


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