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Prestige Academy


When it comes to your business’ branding, here at Greenhouse Creative, we always start with: What are your brand values?

...And in the case of Prestige Academy in Bondi Junction, their core brand values set the tone for the major upgrade we gave their brand, including a change to the business name.

A Prestigious Upgrade

As an ex-practising-lawyer offering chemistry tuition to the children of some of Australia's highest net-worth individuals, Patricia understood the value of the service she offers was not being recognised by potential clients when they visited her website. 

The business previously known as Presto Learning was struggling to make the right impact online, requiring owner Patricia to spend many hours of one-on-one time with her potential clients to ensure they understood the value of the service she offers. 

She knew there must be a better way. 

When you own a service-based business, an important part of what you sell is the result. The outcome you deliver to your clients, through working with them...

However, the thing about services is that you often can’t guarantee what that outcome will be.

For example, when I sell a branding package to a new client, they don’t know exactly what their new logo will look like. The deliverables will be a product of the process of working together.

Likewise with Patricia's service: she is able to show the results of students she has tutored in the past (and they are impressive results, seeing her students make marked improvements, gain top marks and secure entry into Australia's prestigious universities), however...

What she's really selling is an experience. The process itself. She, as the service provider.

This is why setting a good first impression is so important, why service providers need to be communicating the right vibe, the right tone - without spending their precious time to do it. 

We set about expressing the VALUE of what Patricia offers and made it VISIBLE, from that very initial point of contact between her and her potential clients, and right through to every point of contact that comes afterwards.

We established the values of importance: Prestige, Royalty, Success and Security, and we combined the visual representations of those values into one tidy, simple logo. 

We paired the logo with a high-contrast serif font in caps to further communicate a timeless, elegant strength. 

The colour scheme and mood board reference Patricia's Sicilian heritage and combine moody, old-world prestige and royalty with the fresh beach tones of modern Bondi Junction - where the tuition rooms are located. 

The RESULT is that the level of service offered by Prestige Academy is apparent from the outset, making Patricia's job of communicating her value to her clients effortless - she can even do it while she sleeps! 

Furthermore, the Rocketspark website design was awarded Partner Site of the Month across Australia, New Zealand and the UK when it launched in September 2019. The winning website is described as: 

"From the second you land on this luxurious home page, you’re flooded with gold and royal-blue embellishments that simply and cleanly ooze quality—the design is high end and completely on-brand...

...Intrigued quickly by the low opacity photos and the custom stack backgrounds, we scroll further down the page. We’re then pleasantly surprised by animated GIFs—an inventive way to show potential customers what they want to see which is results!

On the Prestige Difference and Success Stories pages we’re kept engaged by interactive roll-over blocks of text. This does a great job of keeping the site clean by not overwhelming the viewer with too much information, all at once.

Tonia recognises a website’s power when great design is combined with great copy. She - along with her copy writers - produced extremely compelling content, clearly laying out the process and calling for action at the bottom of every page, enabling website visitors to make buying decisions quickly."


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