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Shopify Subscription Website

I met Anna, The Tea Curator, over a cup of tea, naturally. 

Anna is an incredibly passionate tea-master with a vision and a plan to bring real tea - nay, the BEST tea - from all over the world to the home of New Zealand. Furthermore, she wants to educate and inspire her customers to brew and appreciate the tea correctly. 

Anna's business model is one that's seen a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. The My Food Bag's, Feed My Fur Baby's and Good Grazing's of the e-commerce world have brought the subscription based model into the mainstream of late. Customers love the convenience while businesses love the security of the ongoing sale. 

Using a dedicated e-commerce website builder like Shopify made it possible for me to build a user-friendly and owner-friendly website that takes care of the subscription admin, leaving Anna more time to enjoy her tea! 

Here's what Anna, The Tea Curator, had to say about working with me:

"I felt a connection with Tonia the first time I met her. We were obviously talking about a topic we both love - tea! - but I immediately felt at ease with her. 

Tonia is the type of person you feel like is your friend the first time you meet her. She combines a warm, collaborative approach to her work and her relationships with expert knowledge on both brand and website development. 

We experienced some challenges with the website build but Tonia persevered and built a website that I'm thrilled with."


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