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An ordering system to future-proof sales, blended with effective brand communication

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Peter Maude Fine Wines is an Auckland based wine importer specialising in the finest French wines. With an emphasis on building tight-knit relationships with wine buyers and the En-Primeur method of purchasing wine while it's still in the barrel in France, they have a niche business with a unique set of technology requirements. 

Katharine Maude reached out to me to help them build a website that would appeal to their target audience and reduce the time the spend managing stock levels, currency conversion, shipping rates and landed wine costs. It was important to find a solution that was easy for them to self-manage as well as represent their brand well.

A Shopify e-commerce website was key – the sophisticated e-commerce technology and app integrations meant we could manage stock levels, landed wine orders, freight costs and en-primeur sales in one place. 


It was important to communicate the brand visually as well as verbally. For the verbal side, our copy writer crafted the story of the brand highlighting the details of the different services on offer. She used her expertise in keyword research and search engine optimisation to ensure the website has the best chance of being found organically by anyone searching online for top-quality international wines. Each page contains a clear call to action so that the viewer knows what they should do next and is guided through the website to the checkout stage. 

Visually, we used our skills as graphic designers to draw emphasis and attention to the message and tone of the copy, through the intentional use of the brands existing design assets and imagery.


The result is a website that:
  • reinforces the values of the brand
  • makes the ideal audience feel that they are in the right place
  • allows for stock management
  • reduces admin time
  • can sell wines already landed in New Zealand
  • can sell wine still in the barrel in France

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