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Project: Simon Myers Photography

NOV '19 - FEB '20

  • Content creation
  • Shopify website design
  • Shopify e-commerce
  • Conditional variants

New Zealand landscape photographer, Simon Myers, needed a new ecommerce website to showcase his beautiful images and to streamline and automate his online sales process.

A key priority for Simon was to develop a website that was easy for him to update after it had been built.

As a landscape photographer, it was important to ensure the images made a real impact on the website. This meant showcasing full width, big images, with clear resolution, so that visitors to the website would be stunned by the images.

I paired this with a clean, minimal look and feel to allow the images to stand out and created a simple artist’s signature style logo for the website.

New website copy, as part of Simon’s package, allowed us to better tell Simon’s story, and to optimise on page SEO for the website.

It was also vital to streamline Simon’s shipping cost process by automating it within the website platform. The process had been largely manual for Simon up until this point, and it soon became clear that using the Shopify ecommerce platform would be the best fit for this website. This was due to the number of products and product variants Simon offers.

Simon had approximately 100 images (products) with nearly 80 variants each, such as sizing options, canvas options, paper stock, framing and mounting options. So it was crucial to use a robust ecommerce platform that was flexible enough to achieve this.

Managing this part of the website build was a significant portion of the project. Each variant had its own associated shipping cost, which needed to be calculated and set in the backend of the website.

Each image (product) variant was also showcased in a mockup to enable website visitors to visualise how that specific product would look hanging in a home environment.

Now that the shipping side of his online store is automated it allows Simon to spend more time in other areas of the business - such as running his busy Queenstown gallery and capturing New Zealand’s magical vistas.

Simon now has an easy to navigate website that provides a smooth, high-quality customer experience for those living in New Zealand or overseas.


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