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Application for a FREE 6-session business mentoring programme

I have the capacity to give one deserving young entrepreneur a 6-session one-on-one mentoring programme a couple of times a year. 

Naturally, I want to make sure I am gifting my service and expertise to a deserving young entrepreneur whose cause I want to wholeheartedly support. I encourage you to apply and to share this application form with others :) 

Before your business can grow, we need to make sure conditions for growth are right. We do this by preparing a plan for growth to avoid wasting time and money.

In our 6 one-on-one mentoring sessions, we'll cover:

  • Brand strategy

  • Customer profiling

  • Brand values

  • Pricing strategies

  • Marketing plan

  • Website plan

And how all of these things tie together to form the foundations of a flourish e-commerce brand. 

2023 Application Form

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Thanks for your application and good luck! I will get back to you very soon :)

“Being seen in the right light is more than a luxury... it’s an investment in your survival”

Let me turn your ideas into tangible results, creating a brand that showcases your business story and connects you authentically with your audience.



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